I cannot explain the excitement that I had going into yesterdays photo shoot. Even though this session was a colleague doing me a favor, it’s impossible for me to shrug off the pressure to deliver the most beautiful photos that I possibly can.

About an hour and a half before the photoshoot, a good friend convinced me to purchase a camera lens that I had fallen in love with the night before. With Christmas around the corner, I can tell you this was not the time to be buying anything for myself. However, hobbies make us do crazy things. This was one of them.

Within 30 minutes, the lens was sitting in my passenger seat and I was headed to Arvada. This was the first time I had gone into someone’s home for a photoshoot (which was slightly more nerve racking given I suggested it), but I knew it would be a game changer in capturing pictures of their 4 month-old little girl.

Post capturing to die for shots, we headed to their neighborhood park. Two hours later, I walked away with a few valuable lessons learned.

  1. Babies are unpredictable.

  2. If you’re photographing a child under the age of 2, snap those pictures like they’re the last ones you’ll ever get - and act like the world depends on it.

  3. If there is water nearby, advise the couple to not let the dogs off the leash.

  4. If the family dogs end up in the water, advise the father to not get near the water.

  5. If the father of the family needs to change his wet & muddy clothes, try using that time to your advantage to capture more pictures of mom & the kids.

When I look back on the chaos of yesterday, I can’t help but smile. Jeremiah, Mal, & Breckyn were raw. They reminded me that things happen, especially with kids, and it’s all about how you work around the little nuances. If it wasn’t for these three taking the time out of their Sunday to help me build my portfolio, odds are my next photoshoot would’ve been with a father who wanted to give up on taking pictures in order to swim laps with the dogs instead.

For that (and the amazing photos of little Breckyn) I extend my greatest gratitude to Jeremiah and his family. Thanks to them, I can justify my purchase of this new camera lens. And with that, shout out to that good friend who convinced me to treat myself. Maybe I should do this more often…


Lindsay Beach