Top of the Mountain


Yesterday was the epitome of a perfect Saturday. 

When Sara initially reached out, she asked about whether a “top of the mountain” shoot was one I’d be up for. I was ecstatic about this because I love any type of adventure I can get. 

Alderfer Three Sisters was absolutely stunning, but I think these two beat its beauty. It was difficult to give Sara and Chris much direction because their natural body language towards one another spoke a thousand words. However, Buddy needed quite a bit of prompting, but I understood. We were surrounded by so much beauty, it’s no wonder he was so distracted!

After capturing what may just be my favorite pictures to date, we headed out to stop by a nearby barn for a few last shots. Right before doing so, Chris’s sisters surprise them in the parking lot (how cute), just to say hello prior to their planned family outing for a night of dancing (even cuter).

Sarah, Chris, & Buddy, it was such a pleasure meeting you. You three are certainly going to have an incredible life full of adventure, and I thank you for choosing me to capture your love before officially becoming husband and wife. 

Lindsay Beach